against empathy

Just read a great thread about the dangers of empathy. Some important ideas to add to the complicated conversation about how to resist.

Stop cultivating empathy. Start cultivating belief:

Cultivate believing victims, who you have been enculturated to believe “probably deserved it”.

Believe Black men–who are not super predators, but humans who are more likely than not to be victims.
Believe Native women–who are not costumes or the past, but both most likely to be harmed by any man, and still here, working for justice for EVERYONE.

Believe Black women–actually believe them, don’t just use them as a hashtag.
Believe Native men, who are probably the most likely to be killed by police.

Believe trans people. Believe queer people. Believe ace people when they tell you they are queer.

Believe disabled people, who are whole entire humans, no matter what we have been socialized to think.
Believe children.

Believe victims.

Stop believing the police. Stop believing men over women, whites over everyone, straight people over queer people, abled people above all.