Trouble with White Feminism

While reading her post about Understanding the Trump Moment, I encountered Jessie Daniels’ earlier post on Trouble with White Feminism. It looks like she’s planning to turn this project into a book. I wonder if she’ll keep “trouble” in the title?

Here’s how she describes her use of trouble:

There’s a consistency to the way white women behave and white feminists respond that is both troubling and requires critical attention.

And here’s her description of “the way white women behave and white feminists respond”:

One of the key themes that runs through this work is that white women occupy a particular structural position that enables them (/us) to access more resources (relative to women and men of color): education, jobs, houses, health care, leisure time. This structural advantage creates an affinity for ‘gender only’ feminism and a kind of dissimilitude with intersectional feminism.