Besides: The Ethics of Taking a Walk and Paying Attention

Read these sources beside each other:

There must be a way to train the eye to look at socio-economic difference in an ethical way.

Linda Besner

While I don’t have time to comment on these two articles, I wanted to post them here, beside each other. Actually, I’m hopeful that my juxtaposing them offers up a form of commentary….Okay, I guess I can pose one question: How can we bring Linda Besner’s ethical demand to pay attention to socioeconomic disparities to bear on Maria Popova’s discussion of Alexandra Horowitz’s suggestion that we take a walk around the block with 11 different experts?

Taking the time to write that last paragraph reminded me of the excellent documentary by Astra Tayler from a few years ago: Examined Life. Here’s a clip from it in which Judith Butler ponders the question, What does it mean to take a walk?

A Great Hashtag

While I don’t have time to write about it right now, I thought I’d quickly archive a great hashtag that’s been making the rounds on my twitter feed over the past couple of days: #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

A few sources: